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More High-Value Clients

Through Referrals and Personal Introductions

Fitness Training Camp
Fitness Training Camp
Fitness Training Camp
Fitness Training Camp
Fitness Training Camp
Fitness Training Camp

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Imagine a financial practice where:


It’s Time You Had a Proven and Consistent Process

Isn’t it time you created this for yourself? You may be pretty good at generating referrals and just need to refine your system. Or you may need a total overhaul.

This is your time to adopt the best referral process in the industry and start acquiring more and better clients through referrals and other client–acquisition strategies. And don’t stop at referrals. Turn those referrals into introductions, introductions into appointments, and then convert the prospect into a new client.


Learn a System that Really Works

  1. Join us for 1 ½ action–packed days—check out the full agenda!
  2. Catch the Early Bird Discount
  3. Bring a Referral Buddy to maximize your results and save even more on your investment
  4. PLUS get three follow–up coaching calls with Bill Cates!

Includes 3 Follow-Up Calls with New Strategies and Coaching from Bill Cates. PLUS – Unlimited Email Access to Bill.

ONLY 24 Seats Available for this Exclusive Training Camp!

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Referral Champions Training Camp

Register Today and Receive the BIG BONUS!

Everyone who registers for the Referral Champions Training Camp will receive a 6–month subscription to our new Referral Champions Self–Study Multi–Media System! – Online Edition

This system sells for $597, but it’s yours FREE when you register for the Referral Champions Training Camp.

2 Opportunities to Maximize Your Experience & Results

1. Group Dinner on September 17

After a long day of learning, enjoy some of Maryland’s famous crab cakes (or other delicious fare) with this optional group dinner. The restaurant is very close to the hotel. We recommend you prepay the dinner now so we have room on the van. It may be possible to sign up when you arrive if space permits. We expect the bus to leave the hotel at 5:30p and arrive back by 8:30p or before.

2. One on One Coaching Session with Bill Cates

Bill will be available for a limited number of 1:1 coaching sessions before and after the Camp. While Bill will be available as much as possible for you during the camp, you may find this 1:1 time with him helpful for some of your specific situations. Bill’s coaching is usually $500 per hour, but you can have 50 minutes for only $147. Reserve your session now or when you arrive – space permitting. Wed., 9/16: 2:00p, 3:00p, or 4:00p. and Fri. 9/18: 1:00p, 2:00p, or 3:00p (Reserving Your Spot Now is Recommended – Contact Jennifer at 301.497.2200)


Stop Dabbling in Referrals & Personal Introductions!

This System Works! It Will Work for You! Guaranteed!

ONLY 24 Seats Available for this Exclusive Training Camp!

Register Today!

Tuition Payment Options

Do the Math

How many new referral clients will it take to recoup your investment in this Referral Champions Training Camp? 1–3 at the most? This investment in yourself pays for itself many times over throughout your career.

Money Back GuaranteeOur Money Back Guarantee

We are certain you will find great value in the focus, coaching, teaching, support, accountability, and results of the Referral Champions Training Camp. However, if after completing the full program, you are not able to recoup your investment many times over, we will refund your full tuition. You may keep the learning materials you received during the program.


Cancellations / Reschedules / Refunds / Substitutions

We will accept cancellations received via phone or email on or before August 17, 2015. You will receive a full refund less a $75 processing fee. You must receive an email or phone acknowledgment from us for the cancellation to be valid.

If you need to cancel after August 17, 2015 but before September 3, 2015 you will receive a 50% refund and 50% credit toward a future Referral Champions Training Camp or any of our learning tools (books and CDs).

If you cancel after September 3, 2015, no refund or credit will be issued.

Substitutions: If you cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person. Just give us a call.

Our Ironclad Guarantee: We’re confident you will get a ton of value from our Referral Champions Training Camp. Stay for the entire program and, if after the action–packed program, you don’t believe you’ve received enough strategies, ideas, and tactics to make a significant impact in your business, we’ll refund your entire tuition.

Get more referrals, clients and business—attend Bill Cates’ Referral Champions Training Camp, or contact us directly at 301.497.2200 to get more details!


Tuition Payment Options

Get Started with the Online Training Bonus NOW

You’ll Produce Results Before the Camp Even Starts

Referral Champions Training Camp

"In the three months following your Referral Boot Camp, I’ve obtained more referrals from new and existing clients than I had in many previous years in the business. I’ve taken back control of my activity and my business, and am enjoying the business more than I have in years. I will forever be indebted to Bill Cates."

Saul Cohen, Financial Advisor, New York, NY

"I’ve been very successful using your referral methods. In the last month I received 12 qualified introductions and have already set up seven appointments. I’m having so much fun with this!"

Robin Wolff, Veteran Financial Advisor, Miami, FL

"With 35 years of experience and a life member of MDRT, this was without question the most helpful. In the first week after the boot camp, I held three client meetings– using the value conversation– and have received 16 quality referrals. Thank you for a truly great learning experience."

Alan Tempkin, Veteran Financial Advisor, Danvers, MA

Referral Champions Traning Camp


Day 1 - Thursday, September 17, 2015

8:00a - 8:30a Registration and Continental breakfast in meeting room

8:30a - 12:00p Session I
(breaks every 60-90 minutes)

  • Mastering the Law of Perpetual Revenue
  • 10 Ways to get referrals without asking by planting referral seeds
  • Skills practice and coaching
  • Getting your Referral Action Plan™ started
  • The VIPS Method™ for asking for referrals
  • Personalizing your referral conversation
  • Skills practice and coaching

12:00p - 12:45p Group Lunch

12:45p - 5:00p Session II
(breaks every 60-90 minutes)

  • The VIPS Method™ for asking for referrals — continued.
  • Mastering your referral conversation
  • Dealing with referral objections
  • Mastering your referral conversation
  • Mastering the referral objection formula — exploring and reframing
  • Knowing when and how to back off your referral request
  • Skills practice and coaching
  • Hot Seats (Personalized Coaching – Optional)
  • Turning referrals into engaged introductions that stick
  • Receiving referrals in a way that encourages more
  • Saying “thank you” for referrals – the why’s and how’s
  • Continuing with your Referral Action Plan™

Day 2 - Friday, September 18, 2015

8:00a - 12:00p Session III
(breaks every 60-90 minutes)

  • Setting appointments from referrals
  • Converting referrals into clients – cutting–edge strategies
  • Using the 15–Day Reinforcement Program – creating new habits
  • Continuing with your Referral Action Plan™

"Your approach to referrals is a breath of fresh air compared to the old-style methods. Your value discussion strategy alone has produced referrals for me. Using your referrals system, I’m not only getting more referrals, we’re getting the right kind of referrals. I can’t thank you enough!"

Andre Duffie, Financial Advisor, Wilmington, DE

"This system has allowed me to radically step up my referral results. Using the VIPS method for asking, my insurance production is up 300% this year over last year. Next year I expect a 600% increase. This is huge!"

Sean Jamieson, Financial Professional, B.C., Canada

"Since starting Bill’s introductions process, we have acquired 30 new clients through referrals in just six months– netting us 1.5 million in new assets under management in the last quarter."

Heidi Helmeke, Financial Professional, Lake Elmo, MN

"Bill Cates’ system has helped me become more comfortable with referrals. With this system, I’m making sure I always provide value and use his VIPS Method. I’ve gone from 2-4 referrals per week to 12-15 per week, yielding a 50% increase in revenue production."

Richard Hall, Financial Professional, Linton, IN

"If I were to compare the number of referrals meeting before and after your boot camp, it’s 1000 times more. This week I got 6-7 new referrals. The boot camp has totally been worth it for me."

Rob Cucchiaro, Financial Professional, Dublin, CA

"Just last week, using your referral system, we brought in a new client through referrals who placed over $7 million with us. Your system works well."

Alizabeth Apodaca, Marketing Manager, Albuquerque, NM

"Your referral training camp was a helluva good investment. Here are the results in the last 3 months. 42 names in the Introductions Journal you gave to us (great tool, by the way). 5 new clients and more getting ready to come onboard. Making this part of my culture has even generated more without even asking. Thanks again for inspiring me, teaching me, and getting this 22-year veteran refocused."

Michael J. Perez, CPA, CFP®, Columbus, OH