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Successful Examples Using a Unique Selling Proposition

Successful Examples Using a Unique Selling Proposition

Successful Examples Using a Unique Selling Proposition

Businesses have a hard time understanding exactly what is a unique selling proposition, and this is precisely why they fail. It’s quite simple, actually. A USP is what your business makes a stand about.

While you can pretty much make a stand about everything, this is a mistake that can cost you your business. Your business can’t be known for everything—the cheapest prices, the best quality of products, excellent customer service, and everything good and rosy that can be said about a business. You have to focus on something, or you’ll end up winning nothing.

Making a USP is responsible for the success of a number of companies, who have managed to make a stand in sea of generic competitors in the industry.

One of them is Basecamp, with a USP:  the top choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, smaller businesses, and groups inside big organizations. Basecamp doesn’t claim to be the biggest freelancing sites for big company and international corporations. It focuses on small businesses—and with good reason.

Starbucks is another brand that managed to hit the jackpot. Nobody would’ve guessed it from its humble beginnings as a small, unassuming coffee shop based in Washington. And yet it managed to climb to the top with no other than its unique selling proposition. And what is that, exactly? Premium coffee. They don’t claim to sell the cheapest cups of coffee in town, but they stand out because of their amazing premium coffee.

One last example is Zappos, an online store for shoes. So how does Zappos stand out in a sea of online sites that sell shoes as well?

Successful Examples Using a Unique Selling Proposition

Zappos has a unique selling proposition that is quite simple: have the best return policy ever. A return policy that removes the fear of buying online and buying shoes that might not fit.

Not only would this be impossible and force them into bankruptcy, but they also wouldn’t stand out from the competition. Since many online stores compete on price, only offering the lowest prices wouldn’t make Zappos stand out for any reason. By offering the most customer-friendly shipping policies and being known for the best customer service in their industry, Zappos stands out from the crowd by making a stand for the best customer service and free shipping, and they’re able to sell shoes at a higher price due to the fact that they stand out from the competition. (Read more here)

All these businesses would have drowned in competition and would have stood no chance against its rivals, had it not successfully carved its own identity. Now, the question remains, what is your USP?

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