In this fast-paced, high-content webinar, you will discover:

  •  When to apply the V.I.P.S. Method – so you don’t ask too soon or don’t wait too long to .get referrals and introductions.
  •  Specific words and phrases that will help you feel more natural and genuine.
  •  How to use the V.I.P.S. Method with non-clients who are willing to make introductions.
  •  How to get “Referred Up” – to receive higher-quality referrals. 
  •  A glimpse into how to turn referrals into strong introductions – so you actually get .connected to with your new prospect.

“Bill Cates makes asking for referrals as natural as breathing.”

Michael Schmitz – Secure Futures – San Mateo, CA

*Won’t be by a computer? You can listen to the webinar. 

 **MANAGERS: ..Gather your reps together for a training session. (Leave a little time after the webinar for your reps to discuss their action steps.) 

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Why is This Webinar FREE?

This webinar is being sponsored by the Referral Coach Academy. About 2/3 into the webinar, Bill will spend approximately 2-3 minutes introducing the Referral Coach Academy then get back to the high-content webinar. 

If you have attended Bill’s webinars in the past, you know that his webinars are not fluff or one long pitch. Bill’s webinars are filled with strategies and tactics you can put to use immediately to acquire more, high-level clients. At the end, Bill will answer your questions about the content in the webinar and about his Referral Coach Academy.

Don’t Delay! ..Spaces are Limited to the First 100 People Who Register!

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