Author: Bill Cates

5 Ways to Heat Up Cold Prospects (+ Scripts!)
September 10, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Don’t you just hate it when a prospect, seemingly very interested in the work you do, suddenly stops returning your calls and e-mails without an explanation as to why? Regardless of the reason why they “froze” in the first place, here are 5 things you can do to thaw out these cold prospects.

10½ Resolutions to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet
January 4, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Here are 10½ New Year’s Resolutions you can make and keep for acquiring more ideal clients in 2018:

Repeat after me…

1. I resolve to… create and deliver a discovery process with prospects that leads with value so that I win the business and my initial process alone generates some introductions.

2. I resolve to… employ an onboarding process that welcomes my new clients down the metaphorical red carpet – so they go “wow” much more than I expected.

Don’t stop at here! Keep reading and have a spectacular year!

How One Bold Move Helped this Firm Survive (and Thrive!) in The Great Recession
December 21, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

“Sometimes change to an industry can come so fast that you’ll wake up one day and wonder what planet you’re on. That’s what happened when services such as Napster, Uber, and Netflix burst onto the scene.”

Then Craig got super serious and added, “We must always be ready to justify, defend, or reframe our value to our prospects and customers or we’ll die a fast death in the marketplace.”

You simply must read this excerpt from my new book; an interview with Craig Strent, CEO of APEX Home Loans. Craig is a creative thinker who has built a successful business.

2017 Client Gift Guide for the Holidays & Beyond
December 14, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

Tis’ the season of giving! Although it’s important to show your appreciation year-round, sending reasonably-priced gifts during the holidays can go a long way in keeping you engaged with your clients and centers of influence, while continuing to nurture those all-important business friendships.  Remember – a sense of “engagement” with you and your team is what makes you Super Referable and…

Is Video Marketing in Your Future?
November 30, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

In a sea of sameness, video can help you stand out and connect in ways other mediums just can’t accomplish.

Words on a website page (or LinkedIn Profile) can only go so far in helping your prospects and clients connect with you; want to do business with you.

Real photos of you and your team working with real clients is SO MUCH better than using a bunch of clip art images that your visitors have already seen in other places.

But nothing engages the senses and draws people in like video… good video.

If you’re thinking, “But I have a face for radio and I stiffen up in front of a camera,” keep reading.