Author: Bill Cates

9 Ideas to Avoid the Brush-Off from Referral Prospects
June 11, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Even referral prospects can give you the brush off, if you don’t approach them properly.   What follows are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of getting their knee-jerk reaction brush off:   Too Busy to Read?  Listen & Multi-Task     Work from introductions. Have your client contact the prospect first…

They Can’t Read Your Mind. Use a Call to Action!
June 4, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Your prospects and clients can’t read your mind. If there’s an action you want them to take, tell them. Wishing and hoping is not a good plan.   Every good marketer will tell you that almost every message you deliver to your prospects and clients is not complete with a Call to Action (CTA).  …

Give Your Clients a Tool to Make Introductions EASY
May 29, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

When coaching a financial advisor in British Columbia, one of the first things I had him do was check in with his clients using our “Value Discussion” concept.   Not only did he receive great feedback from his clients, many of them said, “Rod, do you have something we can give to others to help…

17 Questions to Go Deeper with Prospects and Win More New Clients
May 22, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

More than anything else, your prospects need to know that you have empathy for their situation – that you understand the facts and feelings they are experiencing.  You want your prospects to be thinking, “He gets me.” or “She understands what I’m going through.”   Running a close second to showing empathy, is getting to…

5 Customized Client Gift Ideas
May 7, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Yes!  My birthday is May 18. We won’t be talking about age!   My “gift” to you are some ideas that I’ve actually used to say “thank you” to my clients and advocates who have provided me with great introductions. You can’t use most of these exact ideas, because the are customized for the client….