Author: Bill Cates

5 Necessary Skills to Build a Productive Network
August 13, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

    Networking is not just about going to networking events.   Some of the best networkers I’ve ever met rarely attend events. Going to events is only one of many ways to meet people to build your network of prospects, clients, and influencers.   I’ve dedicated my career to helping others build their referral…

It’s Time to Put Cold Calling on Ice
August 5, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

  I’m willing to bet that once Alexander Graham Bell hooked up his telephone for the first time, he got a call asking if he was satisfied with his long-distance service provider!   One optimistic study says cold calling is ineffective almost 91% of the time. Another says it’s effective only 2% of the time….

5 LinkedIn Etiquette Rules You Can’t Afford to Ignore
July 31, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

    LinkedIn can be a powerful business networking tool.   But what about acquiring new clients? It can work, but you must follow these 5 rules of etiquette.     Too Busy to Read? Listen & Multi-Task       The 5 LinkedIn Rules of Etiquette   1. Build Connections Before Selling Your Services…

5 Forbidden Referral Mistakes
July 24, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

While I usually like to keep my message positive and upbeat, sometimes we need to be reminded of things we shouldn’t be doing.   During my coaching sessions with advisors, consultants, and business owners, here are a few of the most prevalent mistakes I see related to referrals and introductions.   Too Busy to Read? …

5 Actions to Activate Your Advocates
July 17, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Some clients will recommend you to others but may fail to actually introduce you.   Advocates, on the other hand, will not only recommend you, they will make sure you get connected. They will hound their friend, or you, or both until the connection gets made.   We all love our advocates. Let’s create some…