Author: Bill Cates

The 5 Myths that Will Keep You from Getting Rich in a Niche
April 17, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

An extremely successful advisor, Jeff, said to me the other day, “If you are good at what you do, you can make money without focusing on a niche. However, you will grow faster and farther if you become the go-to expert in a specific target market.”   The evidence is very clear. Professionals who focus…

“Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All”
April 8, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

When I first started giving a lot of speeches on sales, motivation, and referral marketing, I often found myself traveling home on airplanes late at night.   I noticed that on these late flights, I seemed to have a lot of negative, doubting thoughts. I would even start to feel a little depressed.  I was…

5 Steps to Get Introductions from Your Network & Natural Market
April 1, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Bill – I have people in my network who will unlikely ever become clients of mine. How do I use your concepts to engage with them for introductions?   This is a question recently submitted from one of our Cates Academy members.   Can you relate? We all have people in our network (natural market)…

How Well Do You Know & Should You Know Your Clients?
March 25, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Research has shown that it is Engaged Clients who provide referrals and make introductions.   With engaged clients, you’ve made a quality value connection and quality human connection.   The more you get to know your clients in a way that goes beyond the core work that you do, two things happen:   You find…

“Can You Ask for Referrals in a Letter?”
March 11, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

I get asked that question several times a year. The short answer is, “Don’t waste your time.” Sure, lightning strikes from time to time, but I recommend you use a letter for a different, though related, purpose.   The two main reasons why clients are reluctant to discuss referrals:   They are concerned about confidentiality….