Author: Bill Cates

The Persuasive Power of Social Proof
November 2, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

When your prospects are facing the decision to work with you (or not work with you), seeing that others have made that same decision can be very helpful. Sometimes that evidence that comes in the form of social proof, is all they need to decide to move forward to work with you.

If you have prospects, or clients, or centers of influence with a neutral view toward you (if that’s even possible), then the right social proof or piece of evidence can move them into a positive view of you. If they already view you in a positive light, then social proof will strengthen their positive perceptions.

Revive Your Value Proposition with 3-Step CPR
October 26, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

524 professionals responded to our most recent study related to Value Propositions.

44% said they did not have a well-defined value proposition. Hmm… If they don’t have a clear value proposition, can you imagine what their prospects think?

I would wager my entire retirement stash that of the 56% who said they did have a clearly-defined Value Proposition, half or more would not have a compelling, client-centered way to communicate their value.

What about you? Could your Value Prop use some CPR, before it flatlines completely? Click to find out.

Guest Blog: “Six Steps to Becoming a Magnet for Exactly the Right Clients”
October 16, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

I recently read this excellent article written by Julie Littlechild, founder of Julie’s perspective and rich list of action items will help you make an immediate on your business. It’s an absolute must-read for advisors and financial professionals, so check it out…

The Fastest Way to Get More Clients with Linkedin
September 14, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

When you look at a client’s profile, you will see people with whom they are connected.

But how good are those connections? What’s the likelihood that you’ll suggest an introduction to someone and your client will respond, “I don’t know her well enough to make an introduction to her.” I’d say 50/50 at best.

But when you narrow your focus a bit, you’ll increase your results significantly.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan
August 9, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

My entry into marketing was in 1980, when I wrote and marketed a book about airline careers by placing small ads in the back of various publications.   I learned the principles of direct-response marketing long before there was an internet bombarding us with hundreds of pitches a day.  Thank goodness for SPAM filters.  …