Author: Bill Cates

21 Ideas for People Who Hate Networking Events
December 5, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Do you hate networking events as much as I do? Believe it or not, when I attend business events, unless I’m there to give a speech, I turn pretty shy.  Because of that, I’ve forced myself to develop some effective strategies and methods I hope you find helpful. Check out these 21 effective tips for connecting with people at networking events that even the “haters” can embrace.

The Key to Talking About Your Value at Social Gatherings
November 14, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Imagine you’re relaxing in the Lazy Boy in the family room, following a big holiday dinner with your family, and your sister’s new beau plops down on the sofa next to you and asks the dreaded question, “So, what do you do?”   In the span of about 4 seconds, you’re thinking, “Do I launch…

4 Ways to Add Some Humor to the Client Acquisition Process
November 5, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Life is too short to not be a bit playful a good deal of the time. I know that that’s not true for everyone, but it generally works for me.

So, today, let’s discuss ways to inject a little humor into the client acquisition process. Here are 4 areas where you can have some FUN with prospects & clients.

3 Unconscious Referral Killers
October 23, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

You know what scares the pants off of me? A missed opportunity for a referral. Unfortunately, I see professionals falling victim to these 3 unconscious REFERRAL KILLERS way too often. The scary truth is, if you’re making any of these super-common (and easily avoidable) mistakes, you’re probably inadvertently sending all the wrong messages to your clients … and killing your chances for getting introduced.

Are You Making These 5 Costly Client-Acquisition Mistakes?
October 10, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Sometimes the strength of a great introduction makes the “sales process” quick and painless. Your prospect knows what you do, wants what you have to offer, and is ready to take action. If this does not happen for you with at least 10-20% of your prospects, you probably aren’t securing strong enough introductions.

Here are 5 typical and costly mistakes I see professionals making in their efforts to convert a prospect into a client (and how to avoid them).