The Referral Scripts Book

The Words You Use Will Make a Difference

The Right Words Will Bring You Confidence and Results!

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Sample Conversations to Help You…

  • Promote referrals – to get referrals without asking.
  • Ask for referrals without pushing or begging.
  • Handle referral objections with professionalism.
  • Turn referrals into high-trust introductions.
  • Set appointments with prospects that stick.
  • Find the right words for you – to stay genuine.

“Your process has given my team a tremendous amount of confidence. Since we’ve started asking for referrals, we’ve been getting great answers. It’s like a truth serum! You made us realize how referable we are.”

bill-cates-testimonial-cosmo-boydCosmo Boyd
Atlanta, GA

“Your approach to referrals is a breath of fresh air compared to the old-style methods. Your value discussion strategy alone has produced referrals for me. I’m not only getting more referrals, I’m getting the right kind of referrals. Thank you!”

bill-cates-testimonial-andre-duffieAndre Duffie
Sales Rep

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